Quote on my mind

Quote on my mind

A certain darkness is needed to see the stars

-The Book of Secrets by Osho


Peacefully coping

Chaos, heartache, tears streaming, grown men screaming. The world is whirling and there’s nothing that anyone can do to stop the feelings. We try to sink into oblivion to comprehend our existence.  To escape. But when our poison releases us from its shackles., we realize that our demons are still tormenting us. There’s no escape.

Or so it seems.

We try to scream, but society tells us to hush. We try to run only to realize that we have been chained. We discover the word “cope” but that’s just a word that society has created to truly mean suffer in silence and not bother anyone. We bellow the words “why me” and there are answers.

But not from the one voice we want to hear it from.

That voice has departed. Their spirit is still here but it’s not the same. We cope as best we can, but can’t remember how the word “happy” once felt like.
Finally we rediscover the word happy. We jump for joy. We leap with delight. We’ve stumbled across something with meaning and we hold on for dear life. We’re no longer coping. We’re now living. Living with what has befallen us, and living for what’s to come. We’ve been shot in the heart but now the wound has healed as best as it could and we’re okay with that. We’re finally happy. We’ve found our peace.