Show me

Show me

Show me a smile. I know you’re uncomfortable with me hovering over your small form. I would feel better if you just showed me a smile.

I demand it.

Show me a smile. Your frown frightens me because it shows that you are capable of other emotion. Make ME happy by showing me a smile

I want it.

Show me a smile. Suppress your emotions by taping a bandaid on your feelings in order to make me happy. Appreciate me by showing me a smile.

I would appreciate it.

Show me a smile. I know you’re hurt but I don’t want to hear your issues. The world is dark enough without you contributing to it. Make MY day brighter by showing me a smile.

Thank me.


Show me emotion. Scream with laughter and cry with pain. It would make you feel better if you showed emotion.

You should demand it of yourself.

Show me emotion. Unleash your thoughts and frighten those with your freedom you are capable of so much more. Make yourself happy by showing emotion.

You should want it for yourself

Show me emotion. Dive into your emotion headfirst. Release your demons and control them. Appreciate yourself by not letting your emotions control you.

You will appreciate yourself for it.

Show me emotion. I know you’re hurt, but closing your eyes will not make it go away. Conquer what ails you. Make your day brighter by showing emotion.

Thank yourself.