I hate it when people say money doesn’t buy happiness. In a way that might be right. Money buys sense of security so you won’t have to stress about finances because you have it covered. Money buys a feeling of content because you know that you will be able to pay every bill without worry. Right now, I’m trying to study abroad despite the fact that I am not rich. I am applying for every scholarship I can find and I’m still struggling. I’m worried that I will not be able to afford my trip and that stresses me out. I should be studying for my finals, but instead I’m scouring the internet for a last minute scholarship that could help me afford my trip. What’s worse is that I really want to go abroad. It’s my dream to experience another country but when I look at my meager savings I wonder if it’s worth the stress. I’m not asking for much. I could make $1,000 work if i could just get my hands on it. Nothing too crazy. I just need a cushion for my stress; a balm for my steadily increasing anxiety. Maybe I’m naive for believing that I can do this but I’m also too stubborn to quit. Wish me well on my journey for scholarship money. I have one more that is yet to be decided. I hope, for my sanity at least, that I get something. Money might not buy happiness, but it sure as hell buys relief.


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