I hate it when people say money doesn’t buy happiness. In a way that might be right. Money buys sense of security so you won’t have to stress about finances because you have it covered. Money buys a feeling of content because you know that you will be able to pay every bill without worry. Right now, I’m trying to study abroad despite the fact that I am not rich. I am applying for every scholarship I can find and I’m still struggling. I’m worried that I will not be able to afford my trip and that stresses me out. I should be studying for my finals, but instead I’m scouring the internet for a last minute scholarship that could help me afford my trip. What’s worse is that I really want to go abroad. It’s my dream to experience another country but when I look at my meager savings I wonder if it’s worth the stress. I’m not asking for much. I could make $1,000 work if i could just get my hands on it. Nothing too crazy. I just need a cushion for my stress; a balm for my steadily increasing anxiety. Maybe I’m naive for believing that I can do this but I’m also too stubborn to quit. Wish me well on my journey for scholarship money. I have one more that is yet to be decided. I hope, for my sanity at least, that I get something. Money might not buy happiness, but it sure as hell buys relief.

Studying Abroad

Studying Abroad

Kia Ora! Great news everyone!! I’m studying abroad in Auckland New Zealand this Spring!!! It’s going to be amazing and I honestly cannot wait. More tthe-fault-in-our-kiwiso come on my thoughts later this week, but for now here is a picture of me announcing my trip to the public.

Just because I love quotes/sayings. Here is a Maori Proverb that I love:


Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei

Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain

Show me

Show me

Show me a smile. I know you’re uncomfortable with me hovering over your small form. I would feel better if you just showed me a smile.

I demand it.

Show me a smile. Your frown frightens me because it shows that you are capable of other emotion. Make ME happy by showing me a smile

I want it.

Show me a smile. Suppress your emotions by taping a bandaid on your feelings in order to make me happy. Appreciate me by showing me a smile.

I would appreciate it.

Show me a smile. I know you’re hurt but I don’t want to hear your issues. The world is dark enough without you contributing to it. Make MY day brighter by showing me a smile.

Thank me.


Show me emotion. Scream with laughter and cry with pain. It would make you feel better if you showed emotion.

You should demand it of yourself.

Show me emotion. Unleash your thoughts and frighten those with your freedom you are capable of so much more. Make yourself happy by showing emotion.

You should want it for yourself

Show me emotion. Dive into your emotion headfirst. Release your demons and control them. Appreciate yourself by not letting your emotions control you.

You will appreciate yourself for it.

Show me emotion. I know you’re hurt, but closing your eyes will not make it go away. Conquer what ails you. Make your day brighter by showing emotion.

Thank yourself.

Two little strips

You give me two little strips
     and expect me to be pleased.
You give me two little strips
     and write all over them with what you want them to be.
You give me two little strips
     and tell me to be thankful that I even got that much.
You give me two little strips
     and rip them up even smaller when I make you mad.
You give me two little strips
     and get angry when I call my predicament ‘being marginalized’.

Well guess what?

You can keep your two little strips
     and do as you please.
You can keep your two little strips
     and yell and scream.
You can keep your two little strips
     and rage and moan.
You can keep your two little strips
     and shove them into the dark unknown.

Because guess what?

Those two little strips are not enough to keep me dancing
like a puppet on your stage.
I don’t want your two little strips
I want the whole f******g page.

We are.

We scream for those who were silenced.

We feel for those who are numb.

We cry for those who are dried out.

We fight for those who are tired.

We stand for those who need to sit.

We remain when others have left.

You are not alone in this fight. We are here for you.