Two little strips

You give me two little strips
     and expect me to be pleased.
You give me two little strips
     and write all over them with what you want them to be.
You give me two little strips
     and tell me to be thankful that I even got that much.
You give me two little strips
     and rip them up even smaller when I make you mad.
You give me two little strips
     and get angry when I call my predicament ‘being marginalized’.

Well guess what?

You can keep your two little strips
     and do as you please.
You can keep your two little strips
     and yell and scream.
You can keep your two little strips
     and rage and moan.
You can keep your two little strips
     and shove them into the dark unknown.

Because guess what?

Those two little strips are not enough to keep me dancing
like a puppet on your stage.
I don’t want your two little strips
I want the whole f******g page.

Experiment Blind

This is my story. My name is Amy Shard; I’m a nerdy sophomore in an insignificant high school in Kansas located in the middle of nowhere. I really don’t know how to write a proper story. Not that I want to learn or anything, just imagine the horrible pay a writer gets. But my parents forced me into going to a therapist once I got back from that evil place and the therapist thinks it’s a good idea for me to write a story of what happened to me so I could make sense of it. She also said that I should write it like I remember it so I guess I’ll write like how I remember thinking and feeling during that dark time. Well I think that’s enough for an intro for this story. I’m just going to start to that moment I woke up confused in that place. It’s a much shorter story that way.

“Argh my head!” I cry out as I wake up from that confused sleep “Wha- where am I? What the heck, where am I? HELLO IS ANYONE THERE!?”

 Oh this is not good, where the heck am I and why is it so dark. All I remember is going to that event at the church, meeting that strange girl who said she was a member of a special book club that also does random science experiments for their enjoyment. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. I should have known something wasn’t right, I mean, come on. A book club in this flea-sized town that I have never heard of, than this home schooled chick pops up out of nowhere with this amazing clu-.

                        I’m startled out of my thoughts with the sound of heavy footsteps to my left and scuttle away from it as best as I can since my legs are still asleep. The footsteps stop from what feels like an arm’s length than a deep voice rumbles.

                        “You best not shout like that, the calm-voices aren’t going to like it.”

                        “Calm-voices? Who are they? What do they look like? Why can’t I see you?” I respond quickly, happy that the strange voice wasn’t violent.

                        “Too many questions from this high voice.” The man (or who I think is a man) grumbles to himself than answers in a monotone voice as if explaining something I should already know. “The calm-voices are who made us this way, the ones in charge of this entire experiment. No sight, they say, to see how man responds to not being able to see. A sick experiment if I say so myself,” the man says lowering his voice, “but you didn’t hear that from me. The entire calm-voice lot is just a bunch of bored people who don’t care who they experiment on just so long as they are amused.”

                        “Wait. Are you saying that a bunch of scientists took my sight FOR FUN? Why this is just terrible! Who gave them the right!? Why me? WHY MEE!?”

The man grabs me by the shoulders as I begin panicking because of my predicament, puts his mouth near my ear so he could quietly whisper to me.

                        “Hush now child. You’ll be fine. The calm-voices don’t hurt us, they just watch. I’ve been here for what feels like two months and I’ve been just fine. Don’t make any trouble and there won’t be any. Stay strong. And for all that is holy, don’t show any emotion! Understand?

                        My mind started racing, running through everything this strange man had told me. I’m just supposed to take this? These animals took my sight and they also want to take my emotions too! Well newsflash, Amy Shard is a girl with a mind of her own who LOVES to show emotion and these creatures aren’t going to take that from me! Now how am I going to get out of this godforsaken place without my sight?

                        “You want me to tell you a story?” The deep voiced man said, breaking into my thoughts. “It’s kinda about my life and how I got to this place.”

                        Huh, why not hear this strange man’s story; it has to be more interesting than just sitting in the dark. “Sure, let’s hear it. We have nothing else to do with our lives at the moment.”

                        He cleared his throat and began his tale of how he thought he was winning a contest from a new show he’s never heard of but pretended he did because the girl who had knocked on his door was attractive and he was lonely. He then began telling me about his failed marriage and how he only did it because his best friends were marrying their college girlfriends too and he didn’t want to be left behind. His train of thought broke when what sounded like a heavy book being dropped on the ground, startled us from all of the other stupid decisions he has made without thinking.

                        Sirens sound in the background, faintly at first than louder until they sound as if they are right outside whatever building we’re in. I hear a crash from somewhere above me and what I expect are one of the calm-voices yelling at one another to get rid of the blindies (I’m just going to go out on a limb and say they are talking about us).

                        A thump sounds in the far corner and I hear a knife behind me being unsheathed from its holder and yell to the man to protect himself and fight the calm-voices.

                        “No! Don’t fight them! If we keep calm they won’t hurt us!” the man yells calmly back to me. “They won’t hur-“

                        His sentence abruptly cuts off as the attacker slices his throat and his heavyset body slumps to the floor.

                        A loud crash which sounded like the equivalent of elephants stampeding over brittle wood, sounded in the back corner.

                        “POLICE GET ON THE GROUND”

                        I run blindly towards yell of the police but feel myself being jerked back by my attacker. With an animal howl I twist in the air, throwing the calm-voice off balance. I hit the ground at the same moment a gun fires and I hear the grunt from my attacker.


                         I curl into a ball and staying as still as humanly possible, awaiting my fate. My attacker falls half on me and I feel a warm liquid trickle on me in the rhythmic tempo of his heart slowing down.

                        Gently the man is rolled off of me and a blanket is draped onto of me as I hear a soothing woman’s voice near my left shoulder say, “It’s all okay now sweetie. You’re safe now; your parents are back at the station and are going to be so very happy to see you alive.”

                        I break into tears of joy as I allow myself to be blindly led to the police car, thankful that this nightmare has come to an end.

                        I’m tired now but that’s the story of the time I blindly followed into an unknown situation and in turn was made blind. The doctors say that my sight will come back since the calm-voices were using a type of drug to take my sight away so when it completely leaves my system my vision will return. Eh, I’ll believe it when I see it.